HEFEL Cool Travelling Pillow


Maximum Comfort on the Go

The HEFEL Cool Travelling Pillow provides superior comfort while travelling. Its unique design offers maximum support to your neck and head, ensuring a comfortable sleep even during long journeys. The pillow is made with a special fleece with integrated PCM (Phase Change Material) micro-capsules that regulates your body temperature and prevents overheating, giving you a peaceful and refreshing sleep.

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Lightweight and Portable

The HEFEL Cool Travelling Pillow is incredibly lightweight and can easily fit into your luggage, making it the perfect travel companion. Its compact design means that you can take it anywhere you go and enjoy a comfortable sleep, no matter the location. Say goodbye to stiff neck and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements on your next trip!

Easy to Clean

The HEFEL Cool Travelling Pillow is incredibly easy to clean. Its removable cover can be easily washed, ensuring that you always have a fresh and clean pillow to use on your travels. No more worrying about dirty or smelly pillows ruining your sleep!

Size: 25 x 45cm


Fabric: 100 % Cotton
Up side: 100% Polyamid Vlies with integrated PCM capsules
Filling: 100 % HEFEL PES Softbausch fiber ball



Product Care

60°C washable

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