Choosing a perfect duvet can make a huge difference in the quality of our sleep, so Beyond Sleep provides you with the high-quality and sustainable choices of duvets that are best for you. Our eco duvets are only produced with the finest natural materials in Switzerland and under strict quality controls. They can be used throughout the year and offer designs with varying warmth ratings. You’ll find the suitable duvet you need for a comfortable night’s sleep here!

Dauny Exellence Duvet

Natural luxury for that feel good factor. Once the down has been cleaned, it is carefully sorted by hand so that only the largest and best Siberian down is used to fill your new duvet. These unique, handcrafted duvets are then wrapped in the finest mulberry silk, decorated with a classic, elegant Jacquard design. An exclusive duvet with such a unique interaction of the finest filling and elegant covering material promises an exceptional sleeping experience and incomparable softness.

Dauny Geneva Duvet

Warmth level from 1 to 5,  Dauny’s Geneva collection is Cassette design with sewn-in baffles. The cassette duvets are made with sewn-in baffles (bridging bands) to create closed cassettes which still allow free air circulation through the loosely woven dividing bands – no room for cold spots. The duvets are filled with particularly high-quality down – a wonderful snuggle down feeling. The weave and the finish of this high quality Batiste guarantee particularly efficient moisture transport and the best air circulation. The luxurious feel gives you an incomparable sensation of comfort as you sleep.

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