Hefel Textil is one of the most innovative producers of bedding in Europe and a market leader for natural bedding products. Established in 1907, Hefel remains a family firm and is proud of its successful track record that goes back more than 100 years. Hefel is well known for its unique innovations and first-class products of the highest quality.

Bio Pillow
HEFEL Bio pillows with a 100% pure new wool filling create a particularly cosy sleeping environment. It has excellent moisture absorption characteristics and ensures that the sleeping environment remains consistent. With natural fabric in 100% organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation and hemp filling owes its warming characteristics to the air-trapping hollow fibres. The HEFEL Bio Wool Pillow is absolutely skin-friendly and beautifully warm, making sleep a pleasure. With the beneficial power of pure raw materials from nature.

KlimaControl Pillow
HEFEL KlimaControl Fair & Comfort pillows are enveloped with a fabric made from cotton of guaranteed controlled origin – from the cotton farm to the cosy pillow. The wood cellulose-based TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre in the quilted cover ensures an ideal sleeping climate and is distinguished by its special temperature and moisture regulating properties.

Pure Pillow
HEFEL Pure Pillow has an 80% bamboo fibre and 20% maize filling in the quilted cover that creates a perfect microclimate in your bed – temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating characteristics for an ideal sleeping environment. Maize fibres in the quilted cover balance out temperature fluctuations and thus ensure a harmonious, pleasantly warm sleeping environment. A shell from 100% pure wild silk produced by free-range Oak Eggars. The natural cooling properties of this wild silk make it the ideal filling.

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