Senti Fragrance

Senti Fragrance brought some of the world’s leading luxury home fragrance brands to customers, as well as creating their own range of exquisite fragrances and innovative products. The latest creation is the Senti Orchid, a beautifully-handcrafted diffuser that marries sculpture and fragrance to suit any home or office environment and a perfect gift for that special person.

The Diffuser

Set in a beautifully crafted bespoke Italian glass vase, our reed diffuser is an elegant way to bring Senti’s exceptional fragrances into your home or office. Packaged in luxury Senti box, this makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

The Refill

Refresh your Senti Orchid or Diffuser with your favourite fragrance. Extend the life of your favourite fragrance with one of our reed diffuser refills. Simply refill your existing vase and allow 24hrs for the fragrance to diffuse.

The Room Spray

Each of our signature Senti home fragrances is now available as a convenient 100ml room spray. A perfect gift, an essential item for your home or office, and a simple way to add a little extra scent to any room. Senti Room Spray is perfect for quickly covering up unpleasant smells or for creating a last-minute burst of enticing scent before your guests arrive.

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