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Panda London

Kind To The Earth Bamboo Bedding Products & Eco-Friendly Bamboo Towel​

Manufacturing luxury homeware products often involved animals and damaging the environment. The mission of PANDA LONDON is simple – to design and craft revolutionary new products that feel incredible without costing the earth. They want to find a material as soft as Egyptian cotton; they also need a duvet filling as light and fluffy as goose down. Both had to be eco-friendly to source, manufacture and recycle. Having searched all over the world, PANDA LONDON found it in the forest of South East Asia – bamboo, to make the one and only eco-friendly bamboo towel.

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From Forest to Fabric


1. Bamboo stalks are carefully cut to promote re-growth, then chopped into bamboo chips


2. Bamboo chips are soaked in liquid until they become pulp


3. Bamboo pulp is dried and then flattened into sheets


4. Sheets are milled, ground up and spun into bamboo fibre


5. Fibre spun into silky-soft bamboo yarn, ready to be made into your brilliant bedding and bathroom towels

Kind to You

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Luxuriously Soft

Bamboo fabric is so luxurious, it feels finer than Egyptian cotton. It’s a long-lasting material with strong silky fibres. That means it gets softer and softer from wash to wash.

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Antibacterial and odour-resistant

Bamboo fabric is antibacterial, which means it is inhospitable to microorganisms and parasites such as dust-mites and bed bugs. It also has an in-built antimicrobial enzyme that naturally repels harmful bacteria known to irritate sensitive skin and cause unpleasant odours.

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Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. It is chosen time and again by people who suffer from eczema and allergies because they can finally get some irritation-free sleep!

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Moisture wicking

Bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking. This means that you stay dry and comfortable all night long.

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Temperature regulating and breathable

Bamboo is a highly breathable fabric that encourages airflow and reacts intuitively to your body temperature. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, working with your internal temperature-setting.

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Easy care

Bamboo can be washed at a low temperature, and dries quickly with no need to use fabric softeners or an iron. It is easy to care for, without wasting lots of energy.

Friendly to the Planet

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Sustainable resource

Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant, but only needs a third as much water as cotton. It grows up to three feet per day, whilst absorbing greenhouse gases and releasing “good” chemicals into the atmosphere – 30% more oxygen than hardwood trees.

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No harmful chemicals

PANDA LONDON’s bamboo is grown organically, without any fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. No harmful chemicals are used in the production of bamboo material either, so the areas around our factories are safe from harmful toxins – the earth and water remain clean.

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Vegan friendly

Growing, harvesting and producing bamboo textiles is cruelty-free – no animals are involved in the making of any of our products. PANDA LONDON protect animals and their natural habitats by sourcing bamboo from FSC approved forests.

100% Bamboo Bedding

Making the softest bamboo bedding with the highest thread-count is a serious business. PANDA LONDON’s 100% Bamboo Bedding has a 320 thread-count, equivalent to a 1,200 cotton thread-count. We love bamboo because it is the most natural choice for anyone that suffers from eczema or allergies. PANDA LONDON is the most sustainable choice for anyone that loves the planet.

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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Towel

There is no greater feeling than coming out of a steamy bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a lush PANDA LONDON Eco-Friendly Bamboo Towel. Gorgeously fluffy. Silky-to-touch. Gentle on your skin. This unique and lavish bamboo-cotton blend is ultra-absorbent and naturally antibacterial. But mainly it’s sublimely soft, the best you can get. Let the eco-Friendly bamboo towel soak-up your stresses, whilst you enjoy the cosiness and think about getting dressed. But not just yet. PANDA LONDON Eco-Friendly Bamboo Towel is available in Pure White and Urban Grey in all sizes.

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