Rediscover The Joy Of Sleeping Well

Slow down, breathe deeply, pause and take a moment to reflect — your voyage of rediscovery begins at Beyond Sleep. With the pace of urban life ever-stressful, we understand there are many obstacles to obtaining deep, blissful, thoroughly mindful sleep. Fortunately, we’re passionate problem solvers: we believe that sleeping well, beyond mere necessity, is the key to a better way of living. It’s about having the right products, of course; but also, about championing the right values.
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Our Sleep. Our Responsibility.

Our beds are designed and made in a way to bring you the best sleep beyond imagination. Yet the journey to this superior kind of sleep takes us far beyond the corner of your mattress, and we’ve taken that idea to heart with our ‘Sleep Responsibly’ mantra. Sleeping ‘responsibly’ means we support products that spring forth from nature’s bounty: toppers made of horsehair, cloud-like layers that diffuse pressure and regulate temperature; wool mattresses, ensuring a breathable sleeping surface and incredible resistance to moisture. And that’s just the beginning.

Sleep Sustainably​

We don’t select products made using organic materials simply for their practical benefits either – remember what we said about championing the right values? To ‘Sleep Responsibly’ is also to understand the immense environmental and social impact of the bedding industry. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with artisans who search the planet for the finest and sustainable natural materials, treated using traditional non-polluting processes. Our products are fully biodegradable, and our packaging materials are FSC certified for plastic-free, and IGI-certified wallcoverings on emissions of volatile pollutants —  because you’ll sleep much better on a bed that isn’t destined for a landfill.

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Support Our Local Community

We are committed to supporting our local community through cooperation with local start-up brands, talented artists and charitable organizations with the aim to help our community and enhance the quality of life. 

We aim for more.

Be The Best Of You

From best-in-class beds and bedding products to an array of educational workshops, at Beyond Sleep we aspire to help you sleep and live mindfully. After all, the joys of sleep do not simply end when you rise from bed and begin your day anew: they propel you, those near to you, even the world around you.

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