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Dauny Down And Dauny Feather Products

The Fine Art Of Duvet Making​

There are no compromises made in materials or workmanship. Dauny down and feather products are produced in Switzerland and our strict quality controls are always according to Swiss criteria. Dauny products are a reflection of a positive attitude to life, well-being and enjoyment. High quality eco duvets, eco comforters, silk blankets and pillows have a decisive influence on the quality of your sleep. And good sleep, in turn, is a prerequisite for a great quality of life. Find high-quality Dauny products at your store for Premium Beds in Hong Kong: Beyond Sleep!

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Swiss Made, Swiss Wash

dauny switzerland swiss made certificate eco comforter silk blanket
dauny switzerland swiss wash certificate eco comforter silk blanket

The SWISS MADE label stands for high quality materials and workmanship and the SWISS WASH label guarantee that the down and feathers used by Dauny are washed, dried, disinfected and sorted carefully according to the strictest hygiene standards using pure fresh Swiss spring water in their factory. 


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More precious than gold

dauny switzerland duck eiderdown eco comforter silk blanket

Eiderdown is a scarce commodity – a product resulting from one of the most unusual symbioses between a wild animal and Iceland’s inhabitants. The eiderdown is never picked; it is retrieved from the abandoned nests of eider duck. It is truly a natural wonder, offering better insulation than any high tech fibre, and regulating temperature like a natural air conditioner. 

Dauny only use the very best eiderdown, which is carefully sorted by hand over a period of hours before it is filled in the finest silk blanket. Dauny’s Eiderdown eco comforter products make you sleep in prefect luxury.

Dauny eiderdown duvets can be used throughout the year. They offer designs with varying warmth ratings – light summer duvets, for in between seasons or for all year round use.

Our Eco Comforter & Silk Blanket Collections

dauny switzerland duck eiderdown eco comforter silk blanket 冰島鴨絨被 玫瑰花紋蠶絲被

Eiderdown and Silk Blanket Collection

Dreams Come True

Nothing that humans can create comes close to the natural wonders produced by animals such as eider ducks and silkworms. Anyone who has ever fallen slowly to sleep surrounded by the cosy comfort of eiderdown combined with natural silk will appreciate that nature and nature alone is capable of providing such glorious sleep quality.


100% Icelandic eiderdown, gently washed by hand and disinfected in a steam bath and then sorted by hand.


100% silk, particularly fine satin made from mulberry silk.
Jacquard with intricate woven rose pattern.

Excellence Collection

A Fine Art: The Culture Of Sleep

With a silk blanket cover and exclusive filling bestows a particularly luxurious sleeping experience. The combination of the exquisite filling and fine covering materials results in an incomparably soft and cozy eco comforter product. Only the finest, the very best is good enough. Dauny pay attention to every last detail, from production right through to finishing. Each one of eco comforter and silk blanket are produced entirely by hand with the greatest care in their Swiss atelier.


100% pure, new goose down, white, picked by hand. 


100% silk, extra high quality satin Jacquard, made of fine mulberry silk, down proof, hydrophilic.

Geneva Collection

A Light And Dreamy Down Duvet

Geneva Collection brings coziness to a new dimension. Filled with extra-large cluster goose down for an incomparable sensation of comfort as you sleep. The fine weave and optimum finishing of this high quality down Batiste cover guarantee both efficient moisture transport and ideal air circulation.


100% pure, new goose down, white. 


100% cotton, finest Swiss Batiste, white, hydrophilic and breathable.