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Best Possible Sleeping Comfort​

Hefel Textil is one of the most innovative producers of bedding in Europe and a market leader for natural bedding products. Established in 1907, Hefel remains a family firm and is proud of its successful track record that goes back more than 100 years. Hefel is well known for its unique innovations and first-class products of the highest quality.

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hefel made in austria

100% Made in Austria

All Hefel products are 100% Made in Austria and impress with their luxurious fabrics and special fillings based on natural raw materials. The fully integrated production process – weaving, finishing, carding, quilting, design and sewing – takes place at both Austrian factories in Schwarzach and Kefermarkt to ensure decisive superiority in quality, speed and service.

hefel in harmony with nature

In Harmony with Nature

Sustainability means placing equal emphasis on social, environmental and economic aspects. Sustainability starts on the farm – by sourcing certified raw materials, HEFEL guarantees transparency and traceability along the supply chain. The company focuses on natural resources and renewable raw materials from sustainable cultivation and sustainable animal farming. The careful use of these natural resources promotes biodiversity and the long-term preservation of functioning ecosystems.

For decades HEFEL has consistently based their product development on “Organic, Natural and Sustainable” and set new standards with special innovations for healthy sleep.


It does not matter whether you sleep on your back, your front or your side – in the HEFEL range everyone can find their individual pillow.

hefel classic pillow

Classic Pillow

HEFEL natural and functional fibre pillows are premium pillows offering maximum comfort and uncomplicated care characteristics. A wide variety of filling materials – from Tencel and bamboo to maize – in the quilted cover are combined with a core of small PES fibre balls to create a deliciously soft and cosy ambience for sleep.

hefel my face pillow

HEFEL My Face Pillow

Thanks to its specially developed shape and silky smooth surface the HEFEL My Face pillow prevents facial pressure marks on the face at night. Tissue and muscle stress is relieved during sleep. The sleeping position of the neck, shoulders and back receive the ideal level of support.

hefel cool pillow

HEFEL Cool Pillow

The HEFEL Cool pillow has a pleasant cooling effect thanks to its integral fleece with integrated PCM (Phase Change Material) micro­capsules on the upper side and ensures a comfortably balanced climate in bed. It therefore becomes easier to fall asleep and stay asleep because it is hard to switch off if the blood flow to the head is too strong and generates too much heat.

HEFEL Body Fit Quilt

hefel quilt fabric display

HEFEL BodyFit quilting refers to quilting patterns designed to fit the shape of the body, giving HEFEL quilts their incomparable snugness and warmth. The quilts fold along the quilting seams particularly smoothly to wrap comfortably around the body and ensure a cosily warm sleeping cocoon.

Finest Fabrics & Best Fillings

HEFEL produces incomparably fine fabrics for its bedding in-house. The raw materials are exclusively made from premium yarns such as the finest certified organic cotton and silky shimmering Tencel. Ecological and economical standards are always exceeded by HEFEL.

hefel nature wool fabric

Natural Hair

Cashmere, camel hair, pure new wool or pure down – HEFEL comforters with natural hair fillings are distinguished by their special functional characteristics. With their warming, temperature-regulating and cooling properties they ensure a particularly good sleeping climate. Natural hair comforters are suitable for every season – always nice and warm but never too hot.

hefel nature bamboo fabric

Natural Fibre

Silk, bamboo, maize or Tencel – HEFEL offers a wide selection of comforters with different types of fillings, filling quantities and characteristics to suit individual warmth requirements and heat perception. Natural fibre comforters are characterised by their special breathability and ideal moisture management. Those who value natural materials will opt for natural fillings.

hefel quilt hanging on the tree

Functional Fibre

High-tech functional fibres are genuine all-rounders when it comes to the storage of warmth and moisture management. HEFEL functional fibre bedding offers unequalled fluffiness and lightness whilst also being exceptionally easy to care for. Among all, HEFEL Wellness Vitasan is the right choice for allergy sufferers. The specially developed hollow fibre provides protection against house dust mites. Allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief and sleep soundly.