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Experience A Century Tradition Of Artisan Weavers

Vincenzo Quagliotti has produced some of the most elegant bed linens and eco friendly bed sheets since 1933. Not only for home, but yacht, private jet, hotels and all luxury places. As a family of weavers for centuries, Quagliotti combines the essence of classic elegance and fine contemporary design. Starting with the design process, Quagliotti custom bed linens are woven, dyed and finished in Italy. Moreover, their bed linens and eco friendly bed sheets are made with the finest cotton available: double-twisted Egyptian cotton Mako. Therefore, Quagliotti’s products can be seen at the most luxurious hotels worldwide such as the Ritz Paris and Peninsula Hong Kong. Now, find your own luxury Quagliotti bed linen and eco friendly bed sheets at Beyond Sleep in Hong Kong today!

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Chieri lies a few kilometers from Turin, Italy, just south of the hills along the River Po. This town became a cradle of textile culture in the 15th century. In fact, this is where the Quagliotti family established high-class cotton-weaving company in 1933. Here, the finest Pima cotton from Peru and Mako cotton from Egypt are interpreted well. Either in their essence or in special blends with linen, silk and cashmere.

Over 80 years of devotion and experience, they have included the creation of tablecloths Bandera and Righetto. Any this creation is an ancient fabrics from the House Savoy.

At Quagliotti, the fabric is cut by expert hands and sewn with artisan skill, with the same care as is the past. Techniques from yesterday are combined with modern design trends. That is to say, every eco friendly bed sheets item is designed, produced and sewn internally.


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Latest Collections


Elegant decoration fabric framed by a double flange.


Modern, distinct, London, of very fine twisted cotton,  playing with stripes that create a delicate contrast of shine and opacity. 


The most elegant and prestigious yarn with a silk effect, refined with a double flange.


A labyrinth created by a shiny & opaque contrast


The simplicity and elegance of a triple hemstitch on a refined Raso.


Yarn dyed fabric that creates a striped design.