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Beyond Sleep

A Sustainable Sleep Concept Store For Discerning Sleepers Who Look For A Journey To Quality Sleep

Located in the heart of Hong Kong island, Central, our store, which is over 8,000 sq. ft., consists of discrete spaces that offer a combined one-stop shop for discerning sleepers.

beyond sleep mattress showroom hong kong

Tunnel of Dreams & Mattress Wall in Hong Kong

Descend into Beyond Sleep and you’ll be transported through the ‘Tunnel of Dreams’ — inspired by the calming sensation of drifting, nearly weightless, as if in a vast expanse of water. At the entrance you’ll find a full-sized schematic ‘Mattress Wall’ which celebrates our strongest conviction — that a well-crafted bed is as much about science as it is luxury.

beyond sleep mattress showroom hong kong escalater
beyond sleep mattress wall hong kong

Material Library & Seeing Bowl

Begin your journey to quality sleep by browsing through our ‘Material Library’, a repository of the yarns and natural fibres that are at the foundation of all our products. These seemingly humble materials are a recurrent motif: part of the very fabric of our surroundings. Overhead and at almost any vantage, you’ll see our ’Seeing Bowl’ – with audio-visual lighting that perpetuates the relaxing sensation introduced at the beginning of your arrival to our mattress showroom Hong Kong.

beyond sleep mattress showroom hong kong pillow bar
beyond sleep mattress showroom hong kong duvet collection

Sleep Pod

We always encourage our customers to immerse themselves in the ‘Sleep Pod’, a signature offering at Beyond Sleep: open to all and a driver of our in-store experience. Offering a unique multisensory setting in which to sample our products firsthand — the first of its kind in Hong Kong — the Pod is a haven of peace and privacy — situating your bedding and mattress of choice in a controlled environment replete with the latest in smart home technology. Whether it’s light, temperature or musical volume, our sleep specialists are able to adjust a range of factors in the environment to ensure you really get a feel for our products.

beyond sleep mattress showroom hong kong sleeping pod

Pillow Bar

Following a restive spin in the Sleep Pod, we invite you to find us at the ‘Pillow Bar’: our wink and nod to the craft of mixology, stocked here with a different kind of restorative elixir. Propped up at the classic bar-style counter, customers are encouraged to browse an extended menu of our pillows — consisting of more than 30 different styles from a selection of brands. Our specialists brew a range of relaxing, sleep-enhancing teas to accompany all this varied ‘pillow talk’.

beyond sleep mattress showroom hong kong pillow bar