How To Choose And maintain Your Perfect Duvet / Eco Comforter?

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The weather keeps turning cold these days, and we all wish to sleep in a warm and comfortable bed for the whole day. Having a comfortable duvet is especially important for our sleep quality. In addition to giving you a comfortable sleeping experience, it can also adjust your body temperature during sleep. Want to choose a perfect duvet or eco comforter, but don’t know how to start? Beyond Sleep summarizes some tips to help you find your ideal one!


Types of Natural Duvets / Eco Comforter​

Natural duvets are mainly divided into two types: goose down and duck down. Compared with ordinary quilts, the difference between them is their function of adjusting the temperature automatically. Down is composed of reed flower-like fluff and sheet-like feathers. These spherical fibers are densely covered with tens of millions of tiny pores, which can shrink and expand, absorb the hot air emitted by the human body, and also block the invasion of cold air.

It is especially suitable for the climate in Hong Kong. The ultra-fine fleece padding gives you an extremely soft feeling as if you are wrapped in clouds.

Other types of winter quilts / duvets In addition to down duvets, there are other common ones on the market such as silk quilts, cotton quilts, synthetic fiber duvets, etc.:


Silk Quilt

Cotton Quilt

Synthetic Fiber Duvets

Weight The lightest The second lightest The heaviest Light
Breathability The best Good Worse Average
Warmth The best Good Average Average
Fill Power The best Good Worse Worse
Price The highest The highest Low The lowest
Disadvantages Down may drill out, may have some smell Extrusion can easily cause hardening Slow heat storage, heavy, easy to shrink, , poor moisture release Not good fit,  strong static electricity, easy to get dirty, poor hygroscopicity

DAUNY GENEVA 4-SEASONS Duvet – Filled with 100% top quality European goose down, it can be changed to suit an individual’s warmth requirements at any time of year. The finest Swiss cotton is used as cover fabric, giving you unparalleled softness and comfort.

How to Choose Your Perfect Natural Duvet / Eco Comforter?​

1. Pay Attention To The Down Ratio​

The proportion of down in the duvets / eco comforters is directly related to its hygroscopicity and thermal insulation. The proportion of goose down as high as 90% is of high quality, with high elasticity and fluffy feeling, and has very good warmth retention; up to 95% or more of goose feather down is regarded as the highest quality and the most comfortable and warmest type of duvet / eco comforter.

2. Recognize Down Filling Amount​

The amount of filling refers to how much down is filled in the duvet / eco comforter. It depends on the size of the quilt. Generally, the content of different sizes is about 0.2kg to 1.6kg, depending on the size of the duvet / eco comforter. In regard to the resilience of the duvets / eco comforters, it cannot be only judged by the amount of down filling, as the difference of filling, bulkiness, and moisture transport will also affect the performance. The best way is to visit the store and experience it in person, to choose the most suitable one.

Pressing the quilt with your hand lightly, slow rebound, and soft-touch are ideal, which means that the filling of the duvet / eco comforter is in an appropriate amount. On the contrary, if the duvet / eco comforter bulges obviously, and rebounds back immediately, it indicates there is an excess amount of filling.

3. Pay Attention To The Sewing Method​

You may find that there are different sizes of sewing grids in duvets / eco comforters. In order to evenly distribute the feathers and downs in every part of the quilt and maintain high heat dissipation efficiency and high air permeability, they use quilted caros. This method could not only maintains the breathability and quickly dissipates heat, so that it will not be too hot in summer. Moreover, cassettes use extra fabric to create space to ensure good heat conduction effect and effectively resist the cold winter.​

Quilted Caros

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Dauny Geneva Cosy Duvet – Cassette down duvets – For those among us who like it cosy. Cassette design with sewn-in baffles. Filled with particularly high-quality down – a wonderful snuggle down feeling. The weave and the finish of this high-quality Batiste guarantee particularly efficient moisture transport and the best air circulation.

Duvets have always been recommended as good choices in winter, as they are light, warm, and soft to the skin. However, many people do not know how to maintain them. Here we would like to share serval maintenance tips to extend the life of your perfect duvets. ​

Tips To Maintain Your Duvets / Eco Comforters​

1. Use Quality Duvet Covers

Choose soft, high-quality duvet covers to keep your skin comfortable and protected. First, select a quilt cover with the right size to cover the duvet. In order to effectively prevent the duvets from being dirty and damaged and dust mites, it needs to be replaced and cleaned frequently.​
Noblesse Collection Cording

BEYOND SLEEP Cording Duvet Cover – 100% Egyptian cotton, satin or percale, weaved, dyed and finished 100% in Italy. The product has been gutted by hand following the thread so it will be always straight after washing, and have a shrinkage margin so after washing will have the correct size.


2. Regular Sun Bath or Dehumidification

The duvet / eco comforter should be dehumidified regularly to keep it dry and fluffy. You can put it under the sun or use a dehumidifier regularly. Do not expose the duvet / eco comforter directly to strong sunlight and high temperature during sun exposure to avoid damage to the down. The best-recommended sun exposure time is 7-11 am and 3-5 pm.​

3. Proper Storage

When the duvet / eco comforter is not in use, please remove the duvet cover after sun exposure or dehumidification before the season changes. Store it in a ventilated place with insect repellent, and dry it before next use or after dehumidification.​

4. How To Deal With Down Products With Peculiar Smell

The newly purchased duvets / eco comforters may have a strange odor because of several reasons: it is packed in plastic bags which indicates poor air permeability; when the surface fabric of the down product is manufactured, the additives used might also produce a bizarre smell. These are normal situations and the smell will disappear naturally after exposure to sunlight and dehumidification.

If you are particularly sensitive to odors, you can lightly press down on the down product to allow fresh air to enter, and then use it with sunlight or dehumidification for three to four hours.​

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