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Bedtime Rituals For A Perfect Night's Sleep

Not only does life need a sense of ritual, but a good bedtime ritual can also help us improve good sleep quality, sleep better and wake up the next day fully recharged! Beyond Sleep and Bamford have invited a professional yoga instructor Olmen Chu to prepare a short video for sharing simple bedtime rituals, including a demonstration of simple bedtime yoga to help us relax, fall asleep easily and sleep better!

Ritual 1: Create The Most Comfortable Space At Home 

First of all, choose your most comfortable space, a corner that will not be disturbed, I believe our bedroom, even the bed must be the most suitable one! There are several important factors in creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Comfortable beddings, soft lighting, aromatic smell, and suitable temperature. You can also play music to relax.

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Ritual 2: Home SPA For Pampering Yourself 

I would also like to share with you that we should better not use any electronic products two hours before sleeping because their blue light will inhibit the body’s secretion of melatonin, which helps us fall asleep effectively. Good to take a bath, the water temperature of 38~40°C is the best, which can help us relax and relieve our tired body.

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Ritual 3: Bedtime Yoga Stretching

Finally, simple bedtime yoga steps can further help you relax your mind and body, and then fall asleep easily.

Pose 1: Neck Stretching

Pose 2: Pillow Forward Pose

Pose 3: Seated Spinal Twisted Pose

Pose 4: Butterfly Pose


Having a good bedtime ritual is important. Doing it in your most comfortable space and in your way. It’s still a good start even if you can only focus to do it for 5 minutes. Why don’t we try it tonight to improve your sleep quality and sleep better?!

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