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How to create an ideal space at home to make meditation more ritual?

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Urban people live a busy life and work under pressure, which affects the quality of sleep. Now more and more people are starting to meditate. This simple and practical method can help us deeply improve our physical, mental, and mental health, and maintain inner peace and stress in an impetuous and busy life. Forming the habit of meditating before going to bed can help us to fall asleep more easily. When we wake up the next day, we will be refreshed and energetic to welcome the new day!

In order to make meditation more effective and have a better experience, a peaceful space without external interference is very important. How to create an ideal meditation space at home and make meditation more ritual?

Choose the most comfortable space at home

It can be any corner of your home that will not be disturbed, such as a living room, somewhere in the study, etc., but I believe there is nothing more comfortable than staying in the bedroom and lying on your own bed! Sitting or lying on a warm and soft bed, come to a simple meditation ritual before going to bed to relax your mind and body, regulate your emotions, and easily have high-quality sleep.

Choosing pillows and mattresses made of high-quality all-natural materials can provide you with comfortable and strong support from head, neck to feet, without burdening you and the environment, allowing you to have a pure and beautiful meditation experience.

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Filled with British fleece wool and soft needled British wool, and edged in contrasting ticking. Add an extra layer of luxury with a mattress topper. Handmade to order with the same skill and care as our mattresses, these toppers are hand filled with the softest natural fibres and finished with the most comfortable materials.

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The innovative adjustable down pillow with natural wool filling in the centre for long-lasting freshness. High quality down with its fine branches and millions of air chambers provides the perfect sleep climate, with a continual balance between «warm» and «cool», «dry» and «moist». That is what gives you the incomparable snuggle down feeling. In just seconds, they produce an incomparable “snuggle-down” feeling.

Not be disturbed by the outside world

The ideal meditation should be in a comfortable space away from noise and not disturbed by the outside world. Turn off the TV, mobile phones and other devices that can make noise to avoid distracting you from sound effects and screen messages. In addition, you can also delete some mobile entertainment applications and spend more time practicing meditation on weekdays, so that we can regain control of the autonomy of time and attention to keep our mind clear. Disturbed by the outside world.

Prepare high-frequency energy and stress relief items

Prepare items that can help you better enter the meditation state. You may start with hearing, smell, and taste, and choose what you like and are sensitive to create a perfect relaxing atmosphere:


Play soft music, the meditation sound of Crystal Bowl/Singing Bowl or the sound of nature’s flowing water, and listen to this gentle guidance to enter the meditation state.


Aromatherapy and essential oils are often used in meditation. Lighting your favorite scented candles will not only enhance the fragrance and atmosphere, but also help remove tension and anxiety, release stress, and bring us into a more peaceful state.


A cup of warm herbal tea can help your body and mind to reach a state of deep relaxation faster. Choose decaffeinated herbal tea, don’t worry about not falling asleep after drinking tea at night.

In addition to the warm scented tea, products such as pure natural CBD essential oils can also help you get away from the tight state, so that the body and mind can be completely relaxed, and the meditation state can be easily entered.


LIFY WELLNESS herbal tea series: CBD NIGHT – Contains the ingredients of rose and roselle, added with fragrant pear flavor, to help you relieve stress, sleep well, get up the next day, and feel full of vitality.


KIARA NATURALS: Pure CBD oil – Pharmaceutical-graded and contains the highest concentration of tasteless, odorless, isolated CBD – and the minimal amount of filler oil.

Sit down quietly / lie down and feel the moment

You can try to follow the following 3 simple steps to easily embark on the journey of meditation:

Step 1: Find a suitable music

Step 2: Relax and adjust your breathing

Step 3: Let go of stress and anxious thoughts, and be grateful

Meditation before going to bed is a good ritual to relax the body, mind, and help sleep. Meditate in the most comfortable space and try it in your own comfortable way. Even if you can only concentrate for 5 or 10 minutes, it is a good start. Let’s start this beautiful ceremony tonight and make life more beautiful!
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