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Achieve your perfect sleeping position with Dr. Rebecca Robbins

sleep position

We not only need enough sleep to stay active, but also a restorative sleep. Everyone may have their own sleeping posture, but you have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each posture, and then find out the most suitable sleeping posture, which is very important to the quality of sleep. Here, Savoir’s sleep expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins continues to analyze four common sleeping positions in detail.

Side Sleeper

While sleeping on your sides could cause stiffness and jaw tightness in your shoulders, research also shows that wrinkles might appear. However, it is contended by scientists that side sleeping is especially good for people who are suffering from back pain, and might even reduce snoring.

It is suggested to put a pillow between your knees to keep your hips in alignment. Firm pillows with extra-wide gussets with help to maintain space between your ears and shoulders can help support your sleeping position of the neck, shoulders and back.

dauny side

Dauny Sananeck® Pillow– The ergonomically designed pillow forms comfortably around you to provide that all important support in your neck area. Especially suitable for those who sleep on their side.

Stomach Sleeper

Lying on the stomach is the least recommended type of sleeping position. Though it could help to ease the problem of sleep apnea, which is associated with high blood pressure and heart disease, sleeping on your stomach could cause neck and back pain. Placing a thin head pillow to reduce stress on your neck, as well as a pillow under your lower belly could help reduce back pain.  


HEFEL Stomach Sleeper Pillow – The flat and particularly soft HEFEL pillow for stomach sleepers relieves strain on the neck and back to ensure comfort for stomach sleepers.

Back Sleeper

The key to a good night’s sleep is to keep the spine aligned properly. Sleeping on your back is the most effective posture to relieve joint and knee joint pain, because the spine remains vertical when lying flat, which helps to reduce any unnecessary pressure on the back or joints. However, it is not suitable for people suffering from sleep apnea and back pain. In this case, it is recommended to place a pillow that matches your body curve under the head, neck and shoulders, and another pillow under the knees to reduce back pressure.

pillow 3

HEFEL Bio Hanf pillow – It has an excellent ability to store warmth and its strong environmental track record. The hemp filling owes its warming characteristics to the air-trapping hollow fibres, making hemp the warmest of all plant fibres. 

Fetal Sleeper

This is the most common sleeping position, and it looks like the baby is curled up in the mother’s belly. Not only is it a more comfortable posture for pregnant women, but it also relieves back pain and snoring problems. However, if you stay under tension, it may hinder your breathing and may cause wrinkles. In addition, when you curl your legs tightly, joint pain and stiffness may get worse. Maintaining a relaxed posture or using a pillow to relieve pressure on facial muscles and tissues while sleeping, and supporting the neck, shoulders and back during sleep can help prevent these negative effects.

pillow 4

HEFEL My Face Pillow – It prevents facial pressure marks on the face at night. Tissue and muscle stress is relieved during sleep.

Different sleep positions have different benefits. It is crucial for you to first identify if you are frustrated with any types of health issues. You could then try switching your sleep position that works for your body and your sleep needs, and find pillow and bed suit your sleeping positions, in order to achieve the best quality of sleep.

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