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4 Summer Refresh Tips For A Staycation-Worthy Bedroom!


We would inevitably feel tired and irritable inevitably in hot summer. Many people will over-rely on the air conditioner, especially like to turn it on for sleeping all night. Although it can bring you instant cooling, excessive usage of it can lead to global warming and increase the burden on the environment. In fact, by simply reorganizing and changing the colour tone, decorations, and bedding selection in the bedroom, you can then create a new and refreshing vibe.

Make your comfort zone more fun, and no longer dull! Beyond Sleep is here to share with you tips for a staycation-worthy bedroom.

Tip 1: Inject Vibrant Colours Into Your Bedroom

Given that the human body reacts differently toward colours, choosing an appropriate colour tone for your bedroom can help soothe your soul and lower the room temperature. You can adjust the colour tone by several methods like renewing wall colours, changing curtains and bed sheet colours, placing relevant decorations, etc. Vibrant and lighter colours, e.g. sky blue, coral pink, mint green, and yellow are recommended for summer, they can help energize you with joyfulness and neutralize the gloomy mood attributed to the hot temperature.


Refreshing Summer Style 1: Sky Blue x White

The colour combination of blue sky and white clouds makes you feel like spending your summer in Santorini, Greece.

Vispring,床褥墊,panda london

Refreshing Summer Style 2: Coral Pink

The sparkling coral pink is a must-have colour in summer, giving you a sensation of walking by the gorgeous pink sand beach in the Caribbean Sea, appreciating the summer charms romantically.


Refreshing Summer Style 3: Light Yellow

Yellow, the representative coluor of sunlight, means freshness and enthusiasm, making your bedroom brighter and refreshed, instantly dispelling dullness, and bringing you a good mood.

Tip 2: Add Summer-themed Decorations

Try to devote some time and effort to reallocating the colourful decorations in your bedroom. Instill the foreign landscapes and summer vibes into your sleeping room to enjoy the remarkable midsummer celebration atmosphere and relish a blissful summer life.

Idea 1: Artistic Paintings

Paintings enrich the overall style and visual satisfaction of your bedroom. To fill your room with summer vibes, you can go for portraits of plants, seashores, skies, etc. Abstract arts consisting of blending various colours are another recommendation as well. You can further select frames of different sizes, shapes, and colours to enhance the room’s amusement and aesthetics.

Idea 2: Potted Plants

Potted plants can embellish the environment and drive dynamics into your bedroom. More notably, it can reduce room temperature through photosynthesis. For novices, you may prefer succulent plants like the Snake Plant and Kalanchoe, as they are easy to plant without taking up much space.  

Idea 3: Cushions

Cushions are cozy and make your bedroom no longer monotonous. Those with cheerful summery patterns like watermelon, sun, and sunflowers are some suggestions to renovate your bedroom with calm and sweet midsummer energies. In addition, cushions of unique shapes can raise the playfulness of the room.

Pillow,枕頭,silken favors

Defined by its iconic hand-drawn illustrative prints, Silken Favors takes a playful and adorable graphic and translates it into this filled cushion for your home, letting you taste the summer chilliness.

Tip 3: Choose Comfy and Refreshing Beddings

The sultry temperature makes us difficult to fall asleep. Choosing the right beddings with appropriate designs and materials, and even with a special cooling function can help us maintain a comfortable and balanced body temperature during sleep, making us easier to stay asleep at night, and improve our sleep quality.

Beddings that are made of sustainable natural materials such as horsetail hair, wool, cotton, etc. together with high-quality springs help regulate body temperature, are naturally breathable and highly absorbent, and can also provide unparalleled comfort and support from head to toe, without causing any burden on yourself and the environment.

We suggest you first consider the comfortability and functions of the fabrics, followed by matching your preferences on colours and styles. With this combination, you can experience the summer festival with multi-sensory and enjoy your Midsummer Night’s Dream restfully.

Pillow,枕頭,Naked Lab

The silk-like texture is crafted from 100% organic and sustainably sourced bamboo. Its moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating features ensure your quality sleep every night.

mattress protector,床單,QUAGLIOTTI

Quagliotti Bristol Bed Linen Collection

Woven, dyed, and finished in Italy. Made in 100% linen, it is highly breathable and thermoregulating, keeping you cool and sweat-free this summer. chilling and relaxing rest.


The exceptional cooling effect thanks to its integral fleece with integrated PCM (Phase Change Material) microcapsules on the upper side, guaranteeing a comfortably balanced climate in bed.

Tip 4: Freshen Up Your Bedroom With Summer Scents

The pleasant and fresh scent can make us relax. In the hot summer, Light your favourite scented candle or use a diffuser with your beloved essential oil in your bedroom in this hot summer, make every corner of your room full of healing aroma. Not only can it relieve the sultry feeling of summer, but it can also bring a full of fresh energy!

The bright scents of Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint can make you feel refreshed on hot summer days; While the romantic and soothing scents of Jasmine and Lavender can help you revitalize and pacify emotion. Your sleep quality can also be improved.

SS table shot in Capra's

Combining the appearance and scent of Orchid, satisfying your sight and smell senses to build your secret garden.

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