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Savoir Mattress Topper - The Secret To A Perfect Night's Sleep

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Life is spinning too fast, let’s slow down and take a moment from every day’s hurried life by being mindful to sleep. Here we would like to invite you to explore Savoir’s series of mattress toppers with us. Find out the ultimate mystery of perfect sleep, and bring you unparalleled comfort.

What Is A Savoir Mattress Topper?

Complement the luxurious Savoir Beds London mattress, a Savoir mattress topper made using the finest materials in the world. Slightly put a Savoir mattress topper on your bed to receive a supplemented comfort for your high-quality sleep.

All of Savoir’s mattresses toppers are made of soft and highly supportive natural materials, carefully laid by hand to ensure the fillings maintain their full and even distribution. In addition to the high-grade feeling of threading, the ultimate softness of the filling is maximized.

Lay down on our mattress topper, the cloud-like fillings provide the fittest support to you. They gently almost imperceptibly elevated your feet, the mattress topper aids circulation and promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.


HCa Mattress Topper

HCa Mattress Topper is the protector of your sleep wellness, our HCa Topper is the ultimate comfort layer for the Savoir Nº1 bed, but you can of course mix it with other models as you like. Plump with the world’s finest materials, the Nº1 mattress topper features lavish layers of horsetail, sheep’s wool, and pure cashmere encased in delicate stretch cotton. Swathes of soft cashmere are enveloped under the high-tech cotton. This special fabric with natural stretch ensures you feel the true benefits of the sumptuous organic materials beneath. HCa Mattress Topper gives you the feeling of floating and weightless like you are submerged in clouds.

CW Mattress Topper

This luxurious CW Mattress Topper is Savoir’s best-selling classic mattress topper, paired with the Savoir No. 4 Mattress, designed to relax and recharge, but can also be freely used with any of Savoir’s mattress models as you like match. Filled with soft fluffy cotton and covered in swathes of thick wool and ponytail hair, it has a firmer texture than other mattress toppers, adding an extra layer of indulgence to your mattress. The top layer of CW Mattress Topper is the comfortable sheep’s wool, sheep’s wool is highly sought-after for its soft texture, natural moisture-wicking, and self-regulating body temperature properties, to let you enjoy a cool night’s sleep in summer.


HKy Mattress Topper

HKy Mattress Topper is a lofty and upgraded version of the HCA Mattress Topper, a perfect combination of sustainable environmental protection and natural materials, using Tengri Khangai Nobel fibers from semi-wild yaks from Khangai Mountains in western Mongolia. Only 100 grams of fiber are available from each yak per year, which is extremely rare and combed by hand once every year during the molting period. The fibers have the most quality properties, making it is one of the best natural materials. Its outstanding breathability, hypoallergenic and natural resistance to odor and moisture, along with self-regulating temperature performance and superior comfort, provide you with unique and sustainable sleep health.

HW Mattress Topper

HW Mattress Topper is created to complement the original Savoy bed, our HW Topper adds the essential final layer of comfort to your bed. It uses a long, loose, hand-teased horse tail wrapped in soft wool and our iconic trademark Trellis ticking. As you sink into its softness, your feet will be slightly elevated, improving circulation, and therefore, quality sleep. HW Mattress Topper’s gentle support gives you a premium sleeping experience, serving you with the softness just as you fall into the sea of clouds in paradise.


Please make an appointment to visit our Showroom to experience the ultimate comfort of the Savoir mattress toppers, and let our sleep experts help you find the most suitable bedding for achieving a good night’s sleep.

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