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How to get a comfy sleep in summer?


Getting enough sleep and maintain a good sleep quality is vital for our overall health and wellbeing. Getting a comfortable night’s sleep in hot summer can be tricky, many people may find them hard to sleep well on summer nights because of hot weather. Here we would like to provide you with several tips to stay cool, you do not even need to rely on air conditioning constantly. You can wake up feeling refreshed and energized every day on summer nights!

1. Stay Hydrated

No doubt that water is important for health, adequate daily hydration is vital to keeping the body functioning properly. An increasing amount of research is revealing the relationship between hydration and sleep, staying hydrated can improve overall health and may contribute to better sleep. Therefore, be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated in the early evening. You can also enjoy a cup of organic herbal tea before bed, it will relax your mood and help you fall asleep better. 

116578426_300581248042810_1588119934364682236_n 3

Lify Wellness Fruit Tea Series: Sunset – A delicious blend of premium herbs with hibiscus flowers to create a tea high in antioxidants to renew and leave your body feeling fresh.

2. Create A Cool Bedroom Environment

The color of your bedroom can affect the quality and amount you sleep. It may seem surprising, but it can affect your mood, which in turn affects your sleep. According to studies, light and cool colors like light blue, light green and beige can achieve the effect of calming and tranquilizing, make you subconsciously have the desire to sleep, especially in summer. 

quagliotti bed linen bedding grey white blue

Quagliotti Sissy Collection – The simplicity and elegance of a triple hemstitch on a refined Raso.

3. Pamper Yourself With Aroma

Aromatherapy is an effective way to help you fall asleep naturally. Different scents offer different functions, for instance, Jasmine could reduce restless sleep and lavender help with pain relief.  Light a scented candle or use an aroma diffuser before bed allows you to feel like sleeping in a spring garden and fall into sleep easily.

Reflections orchid on dressing table LR

Senti – The Orchid – Created and designed in the UK, the Senti Orchid compliments any interior.

4. Sleep On A Sustainable Bed

Since we spent almost a third of our life in bed, choosing the most suitable mattress is important for our sleep wellness and overall health. Sleeping on a sustainable mattress which is made with the finest natural materials likes wool, horse-tail hair and cotton, etc. is a great way to protect our health and the environment.

Generous swathes of soft, durable wool and horse-tail hair provide essential cushioning in our mattresses, ensuring the most sumptuous and cloud-like sleep experience. These natural materials have many advantages over man-made products. It’s incredibly soft, it allows the mattress to ‘breathe’, wicking away moisture, and it helps you maintain an optimal even temperature throughout the night.

SAVOIR N繙2 BED min scaled

Savoir Nº2 The Icon – SAVOIR’s most famous mattress, the Nº2 marries natural materials with exceptional handcrafted details.

5. Choose Bedding Products With Cooling Effects

Choosing bedding products with the function of temperature regulation, such as those that can be used throughout the whole year or even specially designed for summer, is also one of the secrets of keeping cool on summer nights.

dauny 1

Dauny Geneva 4 Seasons Duvet – The four seasons eco duvet can be changed to suit an individual’s warmth requirements at any time of year.


Hefel Cool Pillow – Specially designed for hot summer nights, help user maintain the perfect snoozing temperature for as long as possible.

Beyond Sleep, a sustainable sleep concept store for discerning sleepers who look for a journey to quality sleep. We aim for offering you the best-selected bedding products including mattresses, sustainable beds, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillows, pillow cases, bed linens, bed sheets, duvets, duvet covers, eco comforters, eco towels, bedding accessories, and other sleep-aided products, made from natural and sustainable materials which on one hand guarantee your sleeping quality; on the other hand, ensure we are acting as a force for good in aspects of community and environment as well.

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