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how to choose a perfect mattress

We spend 1/3 of our life in bed. Choosing the perfect mattress is very important, which has a considerable impact on sleep quality and spinal health. Beyond Sleep understands that sleeping habit and preference is personal, no single bed can fit everyone’s needs, so we have explored the world’s finest beds, offers custom made service with different mattress styles, springs quantity, filling materials, tension, etc., allowing you to choose the mattress that best suits you.

Buying a new bed isn’t something you should do hastily. There are many things to consider first. The following is to share more practical information for you.

1. Mattress Type and Durability

a. Spring

It is the most common mattress at present. The built-in metal springs provide support for the mattress. The hardness of these mattresses depends on the shape, size, and quantity of the coils, as well as the type and quantity of materials for packaging the coils.

The pocket spring is different from other types of springs. It is cylindrical, each spring is individually packaged with fabric, and the steel wire is relatively thin. Because each spring is independent, they have higher elasticity than other spring mattresses, lying on a bed with pocket springs could give the body a variety of support, and are more obedient to the body’s curve.

In addition, because each spring is independently stressed, it is less likely to affect the people around you when you turn. Premium pocket springs outlast other common mattress types.

pocket spring mattress

b. Latex

Known for its long lifespan. Since it doesn’t absorb a lot of body heat or respond to temperature changes, it keeps you cool all the time. However, the use of natural latex is prone to oxidation, which can easily lead to discoloration and tearing of the memory foam.

c. Memory Foam

It is one of the polyurethanes, which is characterized by being soft when exposed to heat, harder at low temperatures, slower to recover after being pressed, close to the body when sleeping, warmer in winter, and hotter in summer.

d. Foam

Sponges made of polyurethane are often found in various furniture such as sofas and cushions, and sponges are also a common material in mattresses. Depending on the type and density of sponges, they can provide a soft and comfortable sleeping surface or a firm mattress structure that supports the body effectively. But lying down for a long time is easy to sunken and easy to get stuffy.

2. Mattress Firmness

The firmness should be adjusted according to your weight and sleeping position. The ideal firmness gives you firm support to support your back, waist, and legs, while also providing a soft texture that wraps your shoulders and hips. A mattress that is too hard will block blood circulation in your shoulders and hips, preventing your muscles from relaxing; but it should not be so soft that your hips sink into the mattress and are out of alignment with your neck, shoulders, spine, and waist.

We recommend trying it out in the sleep concept store first, preferably lying down in your usual sleeping position and turning over a few times, testing each bed for at least 10 minutes. If you share your bed with a partner, make sure you’re both there when the testing takes place. Our sleep experts will also provide you with professional advice.

mattress too firm

Too Firm

The spine bows upwards, causing pressure around the shoulders and knees.

mattress too soft

Too Soft

The spine bows downwards, causing pressure around the hips.

perfect support mattress

Perfect Support

The spine is straight and the entire body is evenly supported.
vispring and savoir bed and mattress

Vispring Luxury Beds and Savoir Beds London can be custom-made to provide the most comfortable firmness for you and your partner at the same time.

3. Mattress Filling

The filling can affect the comfort, temperature, breathability, and even the health of you and the environment. Filling with natural materials such as horsehair that can disperse pressure and adjust temperature; wool that can ensure a breathable surface and form resistance to moisture, etc.

These high-quality natural materials are sustainable and will not bring harmful effects to you and the environment, you will then sleep and live much better!

Beyond Sleep, a sustainable sleep concept store for discerning sleepers who look for a journey to quality sleep. We aim for offering you the best-selected bedding products including mattresses, sustainable beds, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillows, pillow cases, bed linens, bed sheets, duvets, duvet covers, eco comforters, eco towels, bedding accessories, and other sleep-aided products, made from natural and sustainable materials which on one hand guarantee your sleeping quality; on the other hand, ensure we are acting as a force for good in aspects of community and environment as well.

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