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Give Old Beddings A New Life, Contribute Towards a Sustainable Future

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Have you ever been annoyed by handling old beddings no longer needed? Given that they are still in good condition to use, throwing them away would generate waste and increase the burden of landfills. According to the statistic announced by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department in 2020, there were more than 6,844 tonnes of daily domestic waste generated on average, while textile waste was estimated to be at 163 tonnes per day. These alarming data have reflected the negative consequences posed to our environment.

Beyond Sleep not only puts your sleep health on top priority but also cares about the environment. We understand the impact of the bedding industry on the environment, so we embody our core value of “Sleep Beyond Comfort. Sleep Responsibly” to heart and are committed to providing the most high-quality sustainable bedding products (including sustainable beds and sustainable mattresses) to enhance sleep and living quality. We hope to bring a positive impact on society and encourage everyone to live sustainably for a better future.

This year marks our 10th anniversary, Beyond Sleep is delighted to be partnered with Master Mattress and the charity organization, Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Centre Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Big Tree”) to organize old beddings recycling and repurposing schemes for the first time, hope to give them a new life and contribute to a sustainable future.

Beyond Sleep x Master Mattress: Old Mattress Recycling Scheme

From now until Nov 30, 2022, Beyond Sleep will dispose of old mattresses for free for customers who purchase mattresses and deliver them to Master Mattress for effective recycling procedures. Through maintenance or recycling, the life of mattresses will be extended, and hope to minimize the environmental waste and pollution problem and help the people in need.

Mattresses still in good condition: Refurbished and resold to low-income families and social welfare organizations at low prices.

Irreparable mattresses: Properly dismantled and sorted for recycling, e.g. metal springs of spring mattresses


Introduction of Master Mattress

Founded in 2015, Master Mattress provides mattress maintenance and recycling services for the public. They hope to alter the existing consumption trend of society and motivate citizens to extend the products’ life by repairing to diminish unnecessary waste to alleviate the burden of landfills. Besides, Master Mattress also would love to contribute to society by helping people in need.

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Beyond Sleep x Big Tree: Old Bed Linens Repurposing Scheme 2022 (The Event has concluded successfully, thank you for your support!)

From now until Nov 30, 2022, any brand of bed sheets, quilt covers, towels, and blankets at home (mattresses, pillows, and pillow covers are not accepted for this event), as long as they are still in good condition (they are not damaged or stained) and cleaned, can be donated to the repurposing bin of Beyond Sleep’s sustainable sleep concept store in Central.

The collected materials will be donated to Big Tree to provide shelter animals with comfy and warm resting necessities, especially when winter is approaching, they need a warm nest even more.

You can receive a 10% off Beyond Sleep discount voucher in return for every donation.

In addition, from now to Oct 13rd, for every additional share of this scheme posts from Beyond Sleep’s official Facebook and Instagram, we will donate HK$10 to Big Tree to support their daily operations and more charitable work.

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Introduction of Big Tree

Since 1985, Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Centre Limited has been rescuing stray animals and taking care of them. Big Tree was officially established and registered as a charity organization in 2012 to rescue and care for stray and abandoned animals and promote animal care to the public. The name “Big Tree” symbolizes “good shade under the big tree”, meaning offering stray animals a warm and safe home. Big Tree aims to rescue as many animals as possible, build a shelter for homeless pets, and take medical care of abandoned ones. Moreover, they also promote the message of loving the animals through organizing different events and educating the public about Animal Rights.

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Let’s join and support these two meaningful recycling and repurposing schemes, to give old beddings a new life and new value, let sustainability be our new living style, help people and animals in need, and continue the loop of spreading love and kindness. 

Beyond Sleep, a sustainable sleep concept store for discerning sleepers who look for a journey to quality sleep. We aim for offering you the best-selected bedding products including mattresses, sustainable beds, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillows, pillow cases, bed linens, bed sheets, duvets, duvet covers, eco comforters, eco towels, bedding accessories, and other sleep-aided products, made from natural and sustainable materials which on one hand guarantee your sleeping quality; on the other hand, ensure we are acting as a force for good in aspects of community and environment as well.

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