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Importance of Fitted Bedsheets and Why They are Must-Haves

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to your bedsheets. You might have a favorite color or pattern, but beyond that, they’re just something you use to cover your mattress. However, the truth is that your choice of bedsheets can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. In particular, fitted bedsheets are must-haves that can provide a range of benefits.

What are Fitted Bedsheets?

Before we dive into why fitted bedsheets are so important, let’s take a moment to define what they are. A fitted sheet is a type of bedding that is designed to fit snugly over your mattress. It has elasticized corners that grip the edges of your mattress, ensuring a secure fit. This makes it much easier to make your bed and keep your sheets in place while you sleep.

what is fitted sheet

Benefits of Fitted Bedsheets

Fitted bedsheets have a number of benefits that make them must-haves for any bedroom. Some of these benefits include:


One of the main advantages of fitted bedsheets is that they are more comfortable to sleep on than flat sheets. Because they are designed to fit snugly over your mattress, they don’t bunch up or shift around during the night. This means you can enjoy a smooth, comfortable sleeping surface.

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Fitted bedsheets are also much more convenient than flat sheets. Because they have elasticized corners, they are much easier to put on and take off your bed. You don’t have to spend time tucking in the edges or adjusting the corners – they simply fit over your mattress like a glove.

Improved Sleep

Another benefit of fitted bedsheets is that they can improve the quality of your sleep. Because they stay in place throughout the night, you won’t have to wake up to readjust your sheets. This means you can enjoy a more restful sleep without interruptions.

fitted sheet improve sleep


Fitted bedsheets are also more durable than flat sheets. Because they fit snugly over your mattress, they are less likely to tear or develop holes. This means you can enjoy your sheets for longer without having to replace them.

Why Fitted Bedsheets are Must-Haves

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of fitted bedsheets, let’s take a closer look at why they are must-haves.

Easy to Use

Fitted bedsheets are incredibly easy to use. Unlike flat sheets, you don’t have to worry about tucking them in or adjusting the corners. Simply stretch them over your mattress and you’re good to go. This makes them ideal for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to spend making their beds.

Improved Aesthetics

Another reason why fitted bedsheets are must-haves is that they can improve the overall look of your bed. Because they fit snugly over your mattress, they give your bed a clean, streamlined look. This can make your bedroom feel more organized and put-together.

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Better Sleep Hygiene

Using a fitted sheet can also help improve your sleep hygiene. When your sheets stay in place throughout the night, you won’t have to worry about bacteria and other allergens building up in the folds. This can help prevent skin irritation and respiratory issues, allowing you to breathe easy and sleep soundly.

fitted sheet improve sleep hygiene

How to Choose the Best Fitted Bedsheet


The first thing you need to consider when choosing a fitted sheet is the size of your mattress. Make sure you measure your mattress carefully to ensure that you get a sheet that fits snugly. If your sheet is too small, it won’t stay in place throughout the night, and if it’s too big, it will bunch up and feel uncomfortable.


The material of your fitted sheet is also important. You want to choose a fabric that feels comfortable against your skin and is breathable. Cotton is a popular choice, but there are also other options, such as bamboo and microfiber.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the sheet will feel. However, a high thread count doesn’t necessarily mean a better sheet, as the quality of the fabric also plays a role.


Finally, consider how easy the sheet is to maintain. Ideally, you want a sheet that can be washed and dried easily, without losing its shape or color. Look for sheets that are machine-washable and can be tumble-dried on low heat.

Beyond Sleep Fitted Sheet

If you’re in the market for a high-quality fitted sheet, consider checking out Beyond Sleep.

One of Beyond Sleep’s most popular products is our fitted sheet. This sheet is made from 100% Egyptian cotton, which gives it a luxurious, silky feel. You can also choose from 300, 600 or 1010 thread count, which ensures a soft, comfortable sleeping surface.

beyond sleep fitted sheet

Benefits of Beyond Sleep Fitted Sheet

In addition to its luxurious feel, the Beyond Sleep fitted sheet provides a range of benefits. Because it is made from high-quality cotton, it is breathable and allows for optimal air circulation. This can help regulate your body temperature and ensure a more comfortable sleep.

benefits of beyond sleep fitted sheet


In conclusion, fitted bedsheets are a must-have for anyone who wants a comfortable, clean, and stylish bed. They are easy to use, improve aesthetics, and promote better sleep hygiene. When choosing a fitted sheet, consider the size, material, thread count, and maintenance requirements.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality fitted sheet, Beyond Sleep is an excellent option. The fitted sheet is made from 100% Egyptian cotton sateen and has a various thread count to choose from, providing a luxurious and comfortable sleeping surface. It is also breathable, allowing for optimal air circulation and regulating body temperature for a more comfortable sleep.

Investing in a high-quality fitted sheet like Beyond Sleep can make a significant difference in the quality of your sleep and the overall look of your bedroom. Don’t settle for subpar bedding when there are so many great options available.


1. Are fitted sheets better than flat sheets?

Whether a fitted sheet is better than a flat sheet largely depends on personal preference and the specific requirements of your bed. Fitted sheets have elasticated corners which keep them firmly in place on the mattress, making the bed look tidy and often making the process of bed making easier. On the other hand, flat sheets provide versatility, as they can be used either as a top sheet or a bottom sheet. If you prefer your bedding to remain secure throughout the night, a fitted sheet might be the better option for you.

2. What size fitted sheet should I buy for my mattress?

The size of the fitted sheet you should buy depends on the size of your mattress. Most mattresses come in standard sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Therefore, the fitted sheet you purchase should correspond to the size of your mattress. For example, if you have a Queen size mattress, you should buy a Queen size fitted sheet. It’s important to also take into account the depth of your mattress, including any toppers you might have, as fitted sheets come in different pocket depths.

3. Can fitted sheets help improve sleep hygiene?

Yes, fitted sheets can certainly contribute to improving sleep hygiene. As they stay firmly in place on the mattress due to their elasticated corners, they provide a clean, smooth surface to sleep on, reducing the likelihood of dust, allergens, and sweat from accumulating on the mattress. It is also recommended to wash your fitted sheets regularly, ideally every week, to maintain the best possible sleep hygiene.

4. What is the best material for a fitted sheet?

The best material for a fitted sheet can vary based on individual preference and specific needs. Cotton, particularly Egyptian or Pima cotton, is often favored for its softness, durability, and breathability. Linen sheets are known for their breathability and heat-regulating qualities, making them good for warm climates. Microfiber and polyester are affordable and easy-care options, though they may not be as breathable as natural fibers.

5. What is thread count, and does it matter?

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal (weft) and vertical (warp) threads per square inch in a fabric. While it’s commonly believed that a higher thread count equals higher quality, this isn’t always the case. Quality of the yarn matters just as much, if not more. For example, a 200-thread count sheet made of high-quality cotton could feel softer and be more durable than a 400-thread count sheet made from a lower-quality cotton blend.

6. Where can I purchase a Beyond Sleep fitted sheet?

Beyond Sleep fitted sheets can be purchased directly from the Beyond Sleep website, which offers a variety of sizes, colors, and material options to choose from.

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