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Beyond Sleep 2021 "Finnish Christmas Market"

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Christmas is around the corner! Have you planned how to spend Christmas with your family and friends? Starting from the end of November, Beyond Sleep will host a Finnish themed-Christmas market for 5 consecutive weeks, unwind yourself in a traditional Finnish Christmas town with wonderful Christmas decorations including a seven-foot-high real Christmas tree, immerse in the romantic aurora and starry night, and experience a “Bedcation” in Finland at the “Sleep Pod” in the town.

In addition, Beyond Sleep transforms into one of the reindeers, delivering all kinds of specialty products and gift boxes from around the world, including scented candles, diffusers, fashionable accessories, natural skincare products, sleep-aided supplements, as well as high-quality beds made of natural materials. 5% of all gift hampers sales will be donated to Charity. Let’s have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones!

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Countless surprises can be found in every corner of the “Finnish Christmas Market”, the best place for you to have selfies and check-in! At the entrance of the market, there is a small town with traditional Finnish wooden houses. Walk along with the elevator through a “Tunnel of Dreams” to the market, and you will immediately be in a traditional Finnish Christmas town. Numerous Christmas decorations can be seen everywhere, a real seven-foot-high Christmas tree with a touch of pinewood scent is the first checkpoint.

I believe that watching the Finnish Aurora is one of the must-do-list of many people in their lifetime. Under the influence of the epidemic, here may be able to satisfy this wish for you! Lying on the extremely comfortable VISPRING LUXURY BEDS’s round bed, when you look up, you can see the romantic and dazzling aurora and starry, as if you are in the aurora glasshouse in Finland.

In order to allow you to enjoy the most leisurely Christmas holiday, Beyond Sleep has also prepared a selection of special Christmas drinks, including warm herbal tea and hot coffee, to share warmth during Christmas.

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We may not be able to travel to other countries recently. You might come to the “Sleep Pod” in our store to take a peaceful and private Finnish “Bedcation” and experience the pillows and beds of your choice in this multi-sensory setting which is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. In this full of the latest smart home technology environment, you can adjust the lighting, temperature, and music according to your mood, to experience all kinds of comfortable bedding products. After waking up, you could continue to stroll around the market and immerse yourself in a relaxing vacation.

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Christmas is a time for giving. As the saying goes, giving is more blessed than receiving. When you give others kindness and friendship, you have the opportunity to share the same happiness. We also hope to spread the Christmas love to other people in need through the Christmas market. Beyond Sleep will donate 5% of the sales amount of the gift boxes to the Chu Kong Plan to promote environmental protection and help those in need.

Chu Kong Plan was established in 2007 and is a non-profit organization registered and approved by the government to promote environmental protection, make good use of resources, and reduce waste. In addition, the organization also pays attention to helping the poor, the elderly, and the weak, to achieve care for the disadvantaged through donations and charitable activities.

Feel frustrated about choosing gifts for your loved ones and friends? In addition to existing partners, Beyond Sleep has also cooperated with many new brands to collect all kinds of limited edition gifts for everyone, so that you and your loved ones can feel the holiday blessings. New collaboration brands include: Next Miracle Nutrient, Kana Skincare, Flo Jewellery, NakedLab and The Coffee Academics.

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Next Miracle Nutrient offers scientific research-based and cellular repair products for the next generation. NMN can directly enhance NAD + levels, help repair cells damaged by aging, provide a series of benefits to the body, and improve various aging symptoms. It was confirmed by Professor David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School and his team in 2013, and has been unanimously certified by many world-renowned universities.





KANA Skincare allows you to experience the best beauty healing power in Korea, combining health and beauty into the product, bringing the best of both. Make your skin the best with the help of award-winning spa-grade formulations.

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Flo Jewellery hopes that their multifunctional aroma mask diffusers will bring you joy and blessings of love, and will be able to overcome any challenge with a positive attitude every day. All series are handmade by skilled experts, using 925 sterling silver, 18K rose gold, or yellow gold. In addition, each piece of jewellery is accompanied by a special heart card to spread blessings and love for you. They specially launched a limited and lovely series of gingerbread men masks diffusers this Christmas, which will give you a festive atmosphere.

NakedLab was born to provide completely natural and organic products, high-quality and comfortable bedding for your family, relatives, and friends. NakedLab’s bed sheets are 100% made by BambooSilk. They are silky soft to the touch, extremely durable, and easy to maintain. They are good for your skin and the earth.

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All Christmas gift boxes will be on sale from now on. You can enjoy 10% off when purchasing two or more relevant products during the promotion period. Come and choose a gift that suits your beloved family and friends!


Beyond Sleep will also partner with The Coffee Academics to set up a Christmas Booth in the storefront of the concept store for four consecutive Thursdays or Fridays from December 3rd onwards. A free cup of hot coffee will be provided for everyone to give you a cheer and warm blessing! Coming to our Christmas Market can also get a piece of exquisite gingerbread man cookie! The limited quota will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.


Event Details:

Date: December 3, 10, 17 & 23, 2021

Time: 13:00 – 15:00

Venue: Beyond Sleep-Basement of LHT Tower, 31 Queen’s Road Central, Central (near entrance 1 Theatre Lane)


In Beyond Sleep’s “Finnish Christmas Market”, you can feel the cozy Christmas atmosphere, enjoy shopping fun and also help people in need. It is definitely one of your must-visit places this Christmas!

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