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7 Effective Tips on Taking Care of Bed Linens and Bed Sheets

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We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, so there is no wonder that bedding products are one of the most worthwhile investments in our lives. Bed sheets are our most intimate sleeping companions, also affecting our sleep quality. Not only do we need to select high-quality beddings, but we also need to wash them frequently and take good care of them to prolong their lifespan and maintain good quality. And here comes the question: How should we wash and take care of our bed linens?

1. Wash and change bed sheets frequently

Bedding is easy to accumulate dust, dander, grease, sweat, etc. If you do not wash and change the bed sheets for a long time, a large number of bacteria will breed, and also attract a lot of dust mites, reptiles, and other allergens, which may cause your skin to be allergic and induce asthma. We recommend washing and changing the bed sheets once a week or at least every two weeks, especially the pillowcases, which are in direct contact with our faces and need to be changed at least once a week. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, daily cleansing is ideal.

2. Pay attention to the care labels

Don’t forget to follow the instructions on the care labels to wash your bed sheets. Each bed sheet may have special ways to care based on its fabric, weaving, thread count, and dying. The care label helps you to understand the specific information.

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3. Pay attention to the water temperature when washing 

If your bed sheets are made with natural materials, you should wash them at or below 40 °C, the gentle warm temperature can reduce damage to the sheets and avoid shrinkage or deformation of the fabric, it is good enough to dissolve sebum and wash away dirt.

4. Use mild laundry detergent

It is suggested to use non-biological detergents that do not contain optical brighteners, bleaches, or enzymes, as these chemicals destroy natural materials such as wool and silk, cause fabrics to pill, and could aggravate eczema and skin allergy. Also, it is not suggested to use fabric softener because it would reduce beddings’ absorbency and breathability. Instead, you may consider using eco-friendly laundry detergent to maintain your bed linens and also a good choice for a sustainable lifestyle.

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5. Dry your bed sheets naturally

Sunlight is the most natural fungicide. We suggest you air dry your bed sheets naturally by indirect sunlight and place it in a ventilated place. Do not let your bed sheets be directly exposed to the sunlight or for a long time to avoid fiber embrittlement.

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6. Avoid using tumble dryer 

Avoid using tumble dryers because they would cause shrinkage, especially for pure-cotton bed sheets. Even if the care label mentions the tumble dryer is allowed to use, you should select the low temperature to reduce shrinkage and deformation. If you need to iron your bed sheets, also remember to keep the temperature low to avoid fibers damage. It is suggested to turn over those colorful bed linens when ironing them. If there is embroidery on your linens, you can iron it with a cloth on top of it to maintain the embroidery.

7. Store your linens in a cool and dry place

High humidity in Hong Kong during spring and summer, you should fold your bed sheets naturally and place them in a ventilated and dry area. Bamboo charcoal, dehumidifying beads, insect repellent tablets, etc. can be added to reduce moisture and pest damage. Mothballs are toxic, so it is not recommended to store them with bedding.

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