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Summer booth

Are you also annoyed by the swelteringly hot weather? On 24 June & 8 July during this summer, Beyond Sleep has set up a Summer booth in the storefront of our Concept Store, giving away cool sparkling herbal tea tonics to let everyone enjoy some coolness in the hot time and treasure the little things in our busy lives. Thank you for your enthusiastic responses and participation!

Even though we are at the heart of the busy city, we invited you to slow down and chill out with us.  Take a sip and feel the comfort and refreshment in mind.  Allow yourselves to wind down and rediscover the joy of sleeping well.

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Beyond Sleep, a sustainable sleep concept store for discerning sleepers who look for a journey to quality sleep. We aim for offering you the best-selected bedding products including mattresses, sustainable beds, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillows, pillow cases, bed linens, bed sheets, duvets, duvet covers, eco comforters, eco towels, bedding accessories, and other sleep-aided products, made from natural and sustainable materials which on one hand guarantee your sleeping quality; on the other hand, ensure we are acting as a force for good in aspects of community and environment as well.

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